The Lightshower

The lightshower, a project from light artist Lambert Rozema, has been designed to make people relax through a combination of light and colour. By sticking your head under the Lightshower, you will be able to experience any colour of the rainbow in different intensities. You'll experience an endless space full of colour and light. My job on this interesting project was to optimize the product in terms of design. By making models, material studies and drawings I was able to determine the ideal shape of the globe and the chassis.

For more information, visit Lambert Rozema's website: Monartworks


Polyester Cube

During my internship at Atelier van Lieshout, I learned to work with polyester in combination with shaping and sculpturing. On a number of occasions, I worked with polyester on finished statues, but up until then I had never completed the whole process myself. The Cube was the first project in which I could do this. During the process, I learned a lot about the objects and materials that are being used while shaping the object out of foam.



Through the project 'The Playground', this stool was designed. The festival vibe hotel, 'The Playground', is a place where it's all about seeing, feeling, experiencing, interaction with people, the space and the objects all around you. With Bounz, I tried to translate this into a piece of furniture which arouses curiosity and stimulates people to explore the way the object works.



Sometimes one project inspires another project. During the project 'Bounz', I got to know the technique of steaming and gluing plywood, a very precise technique. Because the technique is so precise there is a risk of failure, and that's exactly what happened during the project. The bow-shaped plywood that appeared to be too small for Bounz worked perfectly for the stool I made out of it.



From the desire of wanting to experiment with new materials and techniques, this collection of hands was designed. By making a mold from my own hand I have been able to compose a series of hands, using such materials as rubber, polyester, poly urethane, flex foam and plaster cast in different compositions. from the experience of trying new materials and techniques, I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge for the future.



The theme of 2010's HEMA Design Contest was: 'Going out!'. Immediately I thought - "What does everybody need when they go out? Ofcourse, underwear!" I responded to this by designing a pair of foldable, multi-functional underpants that you can collapse into a pocketsize package and put in your bag. This way, your underpants will stay clean and while earing it, you will have a hidden pocket for some money.


Hacking it

Hacking: 'Finding new applications that weren't the intended use for this product'. In this way I decided to hack a spray bottle into a grenade. The top of the spray bottle was inspiration for this. During the process I learned how to make a mold, which gave me the ability to keep reproducing grenades.